Stanley Bronstein Interviews William Robson


William started out life with very little in his pockets, but with a great desire in his heart. He says the best part of growing up poor was never being aware of it; it was just how it was. Without a father for guidance, growing up came quickly. Fortunately, he did have one strong guiding light, a grandfather who taught him two lessons that changed everything. What it meant to be a man, and how plain old hard work can allow you to accomplish the things everyone else will say can’t be done.

That philosophy was the catalyst to energize William to not accept the cards he was dealt. By building houses in the mornings and going to school in the evenings, he was able to elevate his ambition and dreams far beyond his humble beginnings. At the tender age of 57, he was ready for a new challenge and thus he disengaged from the corporate world, opened his own business, and wrote the novel that had been burning inside him.


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