Stanley Bronstein Interviews Twila Bergania


Twila is a 22 year old blogger and team coordinator for She’s been blogging for various websites about technology, recycling and environmental protection over the last two years. She graduated with a degree in Mass Communications says she’s an environmentalist at heart.

She also gets in touch with other environmental agencies, companies and organizations to help spread the word about e-cycling.

All over the world over 20 to 50 million electronic devices are disposed of annually and only 12% are recycled. Twila believes that’ simply not good enough.


ECycle Best is a recycling company made up of a team of young recycling advocates whose ultimate goal is to help decrease the amount of e-waste generated in the U.S. by promoting electronics recycling and responsible gadget ownership.

ECycle Best’s team of green advocates lives by three E’s: Excellence, Empowerment and Environment. In a nutshell, eCycle Best’s driving force is the commitment to provide great online services that will encourage people to take care of their gadgets and recycle their old smartphones, laptops and tablets. Through ecycling, eCycle Best is aiming to provide an avenue for everyone in the U.S. to give their gadgets a second life while earning some cash.

ECycle Best is also aiming to help raise funds for charities and non-profit organizations that are centered on taking care of the earth!

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