Stanley Bronstein Interviews Olympian Tracy Evans


Tracy is a three-time Olympian and National Champion in Freestyle Skiing / Aerials. In 2008, Tracy was encouraged by her mother to take a volunteer trip to Africa. After spending two weeks in an orphanage playing sports that were familiar to the children as well as introducing them to some new sports, she realized just how much she had learned from being involved in sport.

She also saw first-hand the effects of genocide on communities and specifically the impact on gender roles, relationships and inequality for boys and girls in those communities. She left wondering, if provided with the opportunity, how much these children could learn through sport. Could they learn values synonymous with Olympic ideals such as fair play, mutual respect and solidarity?

Tracy returned from Africa and founded the nonprofit organization Kids Play International (KPI) in 2008 with the mission of using sport as a catalyst to promote gender equity in communities impacted by genocide. Tracy is also a Casting Director who owns and operates AthleteSource CASTING. Tracy serves on the Athlete Advisory Board of the United Athletes Foundation (UAF) and All Sports United. She was honored to receive the Female Athlete Philanthropist of the Year award from UAF in 2011.


Kids Play Intl – Using Sport To Promote Gender Equity


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