Stanley Bronstein Interviews Tony Ruffle II


Tony says he traveled extensively from his toddler years to his late teen years. He was in new schools every 6 months to 2 years. He was always the outcast; the new kid; the kid who was not from “round here”.  Tony says he decided at a young age, while residing in a remote desert dwelling, that society was not for him, & the best thing he could do to get along was to be as good a human being as he could be. He says this realization changed his world. He says he started seeing people & their situations differently. Not good, not bad, just different. When looking in their eyes, Tony says people’s faces revealed the grief, suffering, love & joy they had experienced.

Tony believes he’s a connector. One of those people who listens intensely, not to “What is being said”, but How it’s being said. He says How tells him much more than What. Then the connections are made. People face adversity,insecurity, stress & fear daily, but how they deal with those determines if they, quite literally, live or die.


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