Stanley Bronstein Interviews Tina Lifford


With more than 15 years as a working Hollywood actress, Tina is recognizable around the industry to say the least. She currently stars as Renee Trussell on NBC’s hit series, Parenthood, and also as Evelyn Lancaster in the VH1 hit, Single Ladies. Working in an industry that chews talent up and spits them out isn’t easy; Tina’s journey of being more than a flash in the pan is full of humor, and both inspirational and instructive.

In the world of personal development, Tina is a trailblazer. She founded The Inner Fitness Project to codify principles of Inner Fitness in an effort to make the pursuit of Inner Fitness as common and well-understood as physical fitness. From her study of spirituality, psychology, personal development, and her good ole life experience, she’s distilled her research into The 14 Practices of Inner Health and Wellness. The 14 Practices are to Inner Fitness what sit-ups and leg lifts are to physical fitness. They support building mental, emotional and spiritual strength, and inner flexibility, which is the inner fitness needed to effectively navigate the dramas, traumas, upsets and disappointments that come with life.


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