Stanley Bronstein Interviews Tim Phizackerley


Tim used to work as a computer analyst. In 2001, he turned to hypnosis to save his wife who was terminally ill with a congenital condition. He says there was no conventional treatment available and she was considered too unfit for a transplant. The hypnotic tapes he created made sufficient changes for her to be able to eat and drink again and a year later her condition had improved enough for her to have a liver transplant. His wife’s still very much alive more than a decade later but now she’s had 2 liver transplants and she’s also had a kidney transplant. She’s been terminally ill twice and survived both times.

Having discovered the practical usefulness of hypnosis, he left the IT world and became a hypnotherapist. In order to help him do this, he created an entirely new way of creating subconscious change which he calls PSTEC and he’s combined it with hypnosis to help people. PSTEC stands for Percussive Suggestion Technique.  Since 2009, PSTEC has been used by countless thousands of people all over the world. It has a worldwide register of therapists who use it too.


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