Stanley Bronstein Interviews Teresa Van-Zeller


Since 1998, Teresa Van-Zeller, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist and founder of Hypnosis 2000, has been assisting her clients in achieving their goals in all aspects of their lives. Her life became greatly enhanced when she became an overnight specialist in the area of working with childbirth preparation and fertility. Thousands of couples later, couples that included people from literally every walk of life including doctors, attorneys, engineers, accountants, lay people, nurses, massage therapists and so many other professions, she realized that there was no one right or wrong way to give birth, just the way that was right for each individual. She authored the book “Birthing as Nature Intended. (B.A.N.I.) – A Guide to Achieving the Birth You Envision” and has developed a completely client centered childbirth education program by the same name.

Teresa truly believes that hypnosis is not a “miracle cure” however when someone is ready for change, miraculous results can occur.  She says becoming trained in B.A.N.I.™ as either a childbirth preparation practitioner or an expectant parent, prepares each individual to trust in their bodies, (mind/body/spirit) and the natural birth process. This of course leads to learning how to lead a more balanced life all around – the way nature intended.


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