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Te-Erika is a multi-media journalist and author from Miami, Florida. She has served as an Internet Talk Show Host & Producer, Radio Talk Show Host & Producer, eBook author, Individual Brand Developer & Success Coach, Magazine Content Manager, Internet Marketing Manager, Columnist, Newspaper Staff Writer, Online Magazine Editor and blogger.

In 2011, Te-Erika founded My Savvy Sisters, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit organization which aims to provide grants, scholarships and financial assistance to women in need. To date she has awarded more than 300 women with the emotional and financial support they need to survive and thrive in life. She is the creator of The Rebuild Your Life Project. For the project, Te-Erika became homeless on purpose and documented her day by day journey in a video series in order to teach women how to move out of hopelessness by placing herself into the most hopeless situation and helping herself and others develop the mentality and ability to overcome it.


On April 11, 2011, Te-Erika Patterson, the publisher of the women’s empowerment blog MySavvySisters.Com gave away everything that she owned and became homeless on purpose to teach women how to overcome their fear of failure and survive emotionally and physically following an extreme loss. She aimed to showcase specific mental strategies women need to overcome failure as well as survival skills needed to make it through a life on the streets so that women would never be held bondage by fear of losing again and will be free to face life’s challenges head on. She documented her entire 4 month journey in real-time in videos posted on her Youtube channel.

The Rebuild Your Life Project:

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The 1% Mentality BookTe-Erika 1 Book

Have you ever wondered why some people achieve financial advances while others just fall by the wayside? There are several key personality traits and focal points that most people do not possess or understand. Adopting these traits won’t make you popular, in fact, many people will despise you, but you will rise above their opinions and enter into a new era in your life.

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Te-Erika and Her Two Sons

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