Stanley Bronstein Interviews Tammi Leader Fuller


Tammi is an Emmy-award winning TV Producer who left a successful, 33 year career to follow her passion of helping women Re-ignite their lives at a weekend sleepaway camp for grown ups.

Campowerment is a hilariously awesome 3.5 days of fun and games and female bonding on steroids, where brand new friends turn into lifelong camp buddies. It combines the magic of childhood summer camp with empowering, interactive workshops led by experts in health, wellness, love, spirituality, parenting, personal style, and business empowerment.

Campowerment is a place where overcommitted, guilt ridden, exhausted women go to unwind and disconnect from responsibilities, cell phones and computers, to reconnect with themselves, and connect with other like-minded women who are also juggling all that everyday life throws at them. At Campowerment, women can learn to embrace what they want and bury what they don’t need in an entertaining, motivational, almost kumbaya kind of way. The experience has been life-altering for so many women, who credit Campowerment for helping them get their mojo back.


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