Stanley Bronstein Interviews Sunil Thankamushy


Sunil is a 16 year video game industry veteran who worked on critically acclaimed titles and was involved in the core teams that developed multi-billion dollar video game franchises such as MEDAL OF HONOR ™ and CALL OF DUTY FINEST HOUR ™.

After a rigorous three year graduate program at UCLA, Sunil was hired by DreamWorks Interactive studio as one of its first animators. Once there, Sunil prospered as a collaborator in video games. After 7 years at DreamWorks and the video game giant Electronic Arts, Sunil left the studio with other game veterans to found Spark Unlimited™, a video game studio made with the vision of creating original video game franchises.

Over time, Sunil grew weary of the first-person shoot-em-up genre of video games, and developed a strong urge to step away from games with violence. He felt that his interests really lay in creating games for young children, that have a deeply educational undertone. With the blessings of his wife, he launched his own company, DEEPBLUE Worlds Inc with the aim of creating innovative online virtual worlds for children. The motto: Games for young minds that Engage, Enchant, Educate.


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