Stanley Bronstein Interviews Sundiata Kata


Sundiata has dedicated his musical career to bringing joy and the magic of music to the community’s children, youth, and adults. Since 1969, he’s developed creative therapeutic music programs to promote self-healing for thousands of San Diego’s most troubled children and youth. He first designed a healing music program for emotionally disturbed children at San Diego Center for Children in 1988 and since then has also developed percussion programs for companies, hospitals, hospices, after-school programs, and service organizations.

“The heart,” he says, “is the original drum that gives each of us natural musical ability. If your heart beats, you have rhythm!” He says learning even the simplest rhythms mirrors the challenges we meet in daily life. Regardless of age and ability, Sundiata’s group drumming shows us how to harmonize our individual efforts with others for success.


Sundiata Talks About The Power Of Music

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