Stanley Bronstein Interviews Steven Sashen


At 45, after a 30 year break, Steven got back into sprinting and that meant that he was getting injured CONSTANTLY. A friend suggested that barefoot running might help. Not only did it help, but the changes in his running form that came from running without shoes cured him of years of injuries and led to his becoming a Masters All-American sprinter.

He wanted to be as close to barefoot as possible, as often as possible, and that led him to create some “barefoot sandals”. As more and more people wanted them, he turned his hobby into a business. In the last 4 years, his company, Xero Shoes has sold almost 50,000 pairs of their shoes and, more importantly, they have stories from thousands of people who are now able to run, walk, and hike pain free and enjoyably.


Things Barefoot Runners Say

Things Runners Say To Barefoot Runners

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