Stanley Bronstein Interviews Stacey Tarpley


Stacey is an architect at PGAV Destinations. Her expertise is in the areas of landscape architecture and zoology. She says she was inspired to pursue these fields after visiting a third-world zoo, where animals lived solitary lives inside tiny concrete cages. This heartbreaking experience made Stacey passionate about changing the future of zoological facilities. She has a keen interest in creating habitats that not only entertain and educate the public, but also enhance the lives of the animals. Having worked in zoos herself, Stacey believes that a close relationship with zoo personnel is essential, allowing designers to fully understand the zoo’s goals and concerns for the exhibit design.

Her favorite project so far has been working with the Big Bear Zoo in California to create the first environmentally friendly zoo. “Making the first ‘Green’ zoo is a very important step toward the betterment of zoological exhibits in the future. The success of this project will be setting a benchmark for institutions worldwide.  Stacey’s extensive travels have led her across the globe observing both cultural and natural diversity on six of the seven world continents.


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