Stanley Bronstein Interviews Stacey Copas


Stacey is an Inspirational Speaker, Trainer and Coach originally from Sydney Australia and now living in the Adelaide Hills. She’s not let a devastating accident that left her a quadriplegic and dependent on a wheelchair from the age of 12 years old slow her down. Instead, she’s picked up the pace achieving a wide array of things from running for parliament to training wheelchair users overseas and a long list of things in between. She’s had more than her fair share of setbacks and has used her life experiences, research and philosophies to deliver keynote speeches and training workshops showing people how to be resilient and turn their adversities into assets.

Stacey has a passion for improving the lives of people with disabilities in developing countries and has a specific interest in inspiring and mentoring women with disabilities to become entrepreneurs. Recently she’s added athletics to her repertoire after 22 years of inactivity to further stretch her comfort zone and has achieved rapid success at the State and National levels.


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