Stanley Bronstein Interviews Sandy Pedeflous & Sherry Hursey



Sandy is a visionary and 30 year veteran of the entertainment industry working behind the scenes in all aspects of production including producing, production coordinating, and post-production supervising. Sandy graduated Cum Laude with a Bachelor’s degree in Radio, Television and Film, from California State University Northridge and used her creative expertise to build her own editing business developing industrial video productions. Sandy is also the co-owner of two well-established and successful companies, Omegasonics, a manufacturing company and UltraCare, a service business. At a young age Sandy had a dream to create a positive news show. She, along with Sherry, made this dream become a reality with Smile TV!

Sherry is an award-winning actress, writer and producer, whose face and voice are very familiar to television and film audiences worldwide. Most recognized as, Ilene, on the hit series Home Improvement, or Kirsten Dunst’s mom in the Universal hit Bring It On, Sherry has an extensive list of credits from stage to screen. As a vocalist and voice artist, Sherry can be heard in over a hundred films including: Shrek, Madagascar, Polar Express, and Monsters vs Aliens. Following her passion for music, children and positive programming, Sherry branched out, produced and starred in the uplifting family musical, Lilly’s Light, for Public TV, advocating for displaced and foster youth. Her heart and talents, along with Sandy’s are now being fully expressed through Smile TV!


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