Stanley Bronstein Interviews Shawn Rhodes


Shawn is a speaker, writer, coach and consultant in the fields of professional performance and personal development. He’s known as an award winning, internationally-published author, war correspondent and teacher. For decades he’s shared the benefits of the martial arts to the public, developed ways to focus under stress, be passionate in a profession, and be confident in everyday life. Through personal study under teachers in the U.S. and Japan, he continually seeks out ways to bring the positive lessons of eastern wisdom to modern problems. His sessions have helped people and organizations overcome challenges, balance personal and professional life, maintain focus on their goals, and enable them to have the same tenacity, compassion, and success he found in warrior cultures around the world. As an advisor to senior leaders in the Department of Defense, he’s advised and presented to thousands in the U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force, in addition to businesses, organizations and multiple non-profits.


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