Stanley Bronstein Interviews Samuel Sagan, M.D.


Samuel Sagan started practicing meditation in his teens. In 1975 he became a medical student at Faculty Paris V, with the aim of acquiring a solid background in the pursuit of consciousness studies. Initially directed towards neurosurgery and psychiatry, he soon encountered limits with the conventional approach when seeking to study consciousness. Therefore, in conjunction with studying conventional medicine, he started training in anthroposophical medicine and alternative therapies. He also studied homeopathy and acupuncture, both 3 year long courses open only to physicians. In 1978, he commenced studies of Sanskrit in order to explore models of consciousness in the Indian tradition.

In 1982 he dedicated himself to full-time meditation for 5 years, giving up all medical and other  activities. He says these were, by far, the most intense years of his life. At the end of this period he moved to Sydney Australia where he founded the Clairvision School, aimed at offering in-depth training in  meditation and a whole range of topics in consciousness studies and alternative therapies. In 2005, Samuel moved to the United States. By then, he had written sixteen books (from Awakening the Third Eye to Death the Great Journey). Dozens of instructors had been trained and the techniques of the Clairvision School were taught throughout Europe and North America, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Asia as they continue to be taught today.


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