Stanley Bronstein Interviews Samantha M. White


Samantha is a psychotherapist who changed her name when she was forty-three years old, which was thirty-two years ago, because, as she says, her life needed a new start. She chose ”Samantha” because of its origin and meaning. From the Biblical Aramaic, it means, “The woman who listens,” or “She is heard.”

In the span of a few short years, around the time of her name change, she lost her first husband to mental illness, then fell in love with a bounder who used and deceived her, and then her daughter was killed. She says she fell apart. Her pain drove some of her friends away, She lost her job, and became homeless. She says she didn’t want to live, but she had another daughter who needed her, so she had to find a way to go on living.

Samantha did better than that. She found a way to heal, to elevate her life from pain to forgiveness and peace and joy. It was a long, hard climb, but she made it, and felt driven to share the story of how she did it.


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