Stanley Bronstein Interviews Ryan Thewes


Ryan graduated from the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning in 2000. While in school, Ryan studied the architecture of Frank Lloyd Wright, which made a strong impression on his development as a designer. He felt a kinship with Wright’s ideas on architecture, which seemed to closely resemble his own. Ryan was inspired by Wright’s bold use of geometry, veneration of nature and his ability to integrate a building with its site. Wright called his work “Organic Architecture,” which came from his belief that a building’s essence or character should derive from the design process in the same way a living organism grows from a seed–logically and naturally from the inside out.

Ryan continues to press the boundaries with award winning Organic and Modern structures that are unique to his area. His designs have received national as well as world wide attention and have been featured in many online and print media sources. He has also been recognized widely for his advancements in green construction and the green building industry, with his focus on building science and performance.


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