Stanley Bronstein Interviews Roxanne Lee


After working as an event planner for many years, Roxanne witnessed large amounts of food being tossed out after the event was over. The worst part was that she wasn’t allowed to redirect the leftovers to a homeless shelter or food pantry due to legal reasons, like the fear of being sued if someone claimed food poisoning. She recently started working on a documentary entitled FOOD WA$TE, drawing upon interviews from chefs, food managers, local farms, and community organizers.

Having grown up in a food insecure household herself and coming from a family ridden with substance abuse and mental illness, she understands all too well the need for us to stop wasting food. In her opinion, it doesn’t make any sense that ~50 million people live below the poverty line in America, yet we throw away enough food to feed four times that amount.


View The Trailer For Roxanne’s Documentary – FOOD WA$TE

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