Stanley Bronstein Interviews Robin Korth


Robin is a writer, public speaker, business woman, and a soul dancer who is no longer on the run. She says she’s at last come home to who she is—a woman who knows her own heart, who flies her spirit in joy and knows that the adventure of life is to be found always in each moment. After many years, Robin walked away from doing life “right” – as she says she was dying in it – and turned towards living it. This meant looking fully at the woman in the mirror and claiming everything that had gone before—the failures, the sorrows, the joys, the running away from who she was and the self-pity, the laziness, the resentment and the anger. It meant getting to work at living life with honesty, willingness and an ever-arching cry of freedom, love, curiosity and laughter.

In her own words, “Doing life right just about killed me. My spirit was tagged and toggled to do-over days that made no sense. I wasn’t cut out to be the woman I was trying so very hard to be. It hurt. I hurt. I couldn’t do it anymore.”


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