Stanley Bronstein Interviews Roberta Grimes


Roberta is an Austin-based business attorney who had two extraordinary experiences of light in childhood that prompted her to spend decades studying nearly 200 years of abundant and consistent communications from the dead. Using this material and the principles of quantum mechanics, she says she was eventually able to figure out what her experiences of light had been.

Roberta shares many of her discoveries in her latest books, “The Fun of Dying – Find Out What Really Happens Next” and it’s sequel, “The Fun of Staying in Touch” which details some astonishing recent advances in the field of after-death communication.

She’s on the governing board of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies. In 2014 she co-chaired the Academy’s 38th annual conference, entitled. New Developments in Afterlife Communication. In 2015 she will co-chair the annual conference of the Academy’s Afterlife Research and Education Section entitled Life in the Afterlife, to be held in September of 2015 in Scottsdale, AZ. She’s a graduate of Smith College and Boston University School of Law.


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