Stanley Bronstein Interviews Robert Benjamin


In his 20′s, Bob says he was emotionally broken and spiritually close to defeat. Everything in his life he had so far dared to believe in was failing and betraying his trust. He says it would have been a good day to quit and surrender to dismal mediocrity. He says the only thing that saved him was that he had never learned to give up. Had he known then that his quest was going to span several decades, he might have been tempted to surrender, but he didn’t. What he did do, at the age of 28, was to uproot his life 3000 miles from New England to the Pacific Northwest. As it happened, one of the first lessons he learned was that he would be, as he calls it, imperfectly ordinary.

In his 50′s, he found himself, at last, ready, able and willing to do something about it. He was ready to write. It took him 15 years to complete the first part of that task, the writing of his Imperfectly Ordinary Trilogy.


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