Stanley Bronstein Interviews Robb Braun


Robb brings over 25 years experience to the table as a personal development professional. He’s an experienced and tenacious coach, speaker, author and leader who’s led and developed over 40,000 participants in personal and professional growth trainings, seminars and programs throughout the US and overseas.

Robb says his life has been remarkable – filled with failures and successes, losses and recovery, and incredible opportunities for growth and awareness. He’s failed at business, lost a spouse to illness and a son to gang violence. He will tell you all of these are gifts, as he has continued to embrace fatherhood, created space to experience true love and enjoys sustainable success in his business endeavors. He lives by a mantra of ‘Take No Days Off!’ that he borrowed from a fellow free-spirit. He’ll tell you that he lives his life full-on every day.


Robb Talks About Knowing What You REALLY Want

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