Stanley Bronstein Interviews Richard Keyworth


Richard is a 71 year old retired Lieutenant formerly with the Elk Grove Village (IL) Fire Department. He say’s he’s always been a big man and during his Fire Service Career, he’d suffered heart problems and had several stents put in his heart. After he retired, he began to gain even more weight due to inactivity and overeating.  As his weight slowly increased, he suffered from shortness of breath and other related problems. He went from 3X Tall shirts through 4X and into 5X over the next few years. He says he refused to think about his health as he was sure he was invincible. Several years ago, he went to see his cardiologist and the doctor wanted him to take a stress test. Because his knees wouldn’t take that much exercise, the doctor had to do an induced stress test with Richard laying on an x-ray table. He says he was almost too large for the machine to go around him.

After the test, the doctor said he had 2 options: (i) go see his local undertaker and pick out a XX large and XX long casket; or (ii) lose weight. He knew diets hadn’t worked for him in the past, so he realized he needed to change his lifestyle. Over the next year and a half, he went from a size 60 inch waist to his current weight over 300 lbs. He’s down to a XX tall shirt and a 50 inch waist, but he realizes he still has more to go. His cardiologist has taken him off some of his meds and says Richard’s his Poster Boy for Good Behavior.


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