Stanley Bronstein Interviews Philip Mandel

PHILIP MANDEL (Producer Of Alter Wiener’s Planned Movie)

Philip has been many things, but he’s never been a movie producer — until now. Currently self-employed as a Health Coach, he’s also a musician and a recovering engineer. His father was a medical doctor, his mother was a home-maker — both refugees from Vienna at the beginning of the Nazi occupation in World War II. When Philip met a gentleman named Alter Wiener, he learned that Alter is a World War II Holocaust survivor and felt an immediate connection with him. After hearing his life story in public presentations and reading his autobiography, “From a Name to a Number,” Philip decided that everyone on Earth needs to hear or read Alter’s life story.

Thus, Philip obtained the movie rights from Alter and has begun the process of producing a feature film based on Alter’s life story as reflected in his book, “From a Name to a Number.”


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