Stanley Bronstein Interviews Pamela McColl


Pamela says it was really quite something one September morning when the news media woke her up at 4:30 AM to discuss a 500 word media release she had written. That press release was about Santa going “smoke-free.”  News circulated through the New York Post, LA Times, NPR, and Vanity Fair. When Associated Press took the story international it really was validation that one single voice, one single idea can still be heard in our “noisy” world.

You see, Pamela chose to alter Twas The Night Before Christmas, which is perhaps the most famous poem in the English language. You see, she self-published a new, smoke-free version of the poem, deleting the offending lines and removing Santa’s pipe from the illustrations. Her republished work has won the support of many anti-smoking activists.  She says she wanted to shake up the complacency she sees around the issue of tobacco use. Tobacco product use claims the lives of one in five Americans and subjects so many more to disease and illness. Pamela says it’s a preventable situation that is growing into a deep global threat.


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Twas The Night Before Christmas

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