Stanley Bronstein Interviews Norma Norris


Norma is the founder of the Reality Tour Drug Prevention Program. She’s a lifelong resident of Butler PA, a wife, mother, grandmother and civic leader. In 2003, she wanted to do something about youth addicted to drugs and dying from overdoses in her community. Knowing that kids already had drug prevention education from grades K-12, she felt either they didn’t believe what they were being told about drugs, or they didn’t think the consequences could happen to them. She says it was also evident that parents were clueless as to what temptations youth experienced daily.

It seemed urgent to Norma to get parents and their children on the same page, with the same information. That information had to be delivered in an engaging manner; had to be true, emotionally charged and consequence-driven. After considerable research, she developed Reality Tour, a parent/child program that incorporated the community in the delivery. Norma left her 21 year career in radio and formed the nonprofit CANDLE, Inc. to oversee the endeavor and to serve as its executive director.


Overview Of The Reality Tour

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