Stanley Bronstein Interviews Nancy Capelle


On May 14, 2011, Nancy, a wife and mother of two young daughters, clinically died at the age of 40. She suffered a heart attack and cardiac arrest. Thanks to the quick actions of a paramedic, she’s alive today to tell her harrowing story of life and death. As a result of her experience, Nancy decided to radically change the focus of her professional life from what she thought others expected her to be to what she felt was her calling. She resigned from her corporate job and became a Connecticut State licensed Emergency Medicine Technician and is now a volunteer EMT. She’s also an American Heart Association Certified BLS Instructor. Just five months after her cardiac arrest, Nancy was a “Red Cap” Team Leader for the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk as well as a spokesperson.

She’s a trainer in Hands Only CPR, as part of the Hands for Life project and has certified individuals ranging from Norwalk Police Department officers to students and teachers at schools throughout the lower Fairfield County area. Nancy is also the Founder and Owner of Cardiac Companion, LLC, through which she conducts private CPR instruction. Nancy now challenges others to take action in their own lives. She says it shouldn’t take death to finally live the life you were meant to live.


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