Stanley Bronstein Interviews Michael Asaly


Michael is the founder of Practical Sleep Solutions, an Irvine based company that provides effective and affordable at-home sleep solutions for those who suffer each night. Recent statistics indicate that over 50 million Americans suffer from sleep apnea. The process is made simple and affordable without the need for insurance. As with most classified high-risk conditions, patients are expected to pay more for their life insurance premiums if they are diagnosed with sleep apnea. This coupled with a long and painful process through the insurance system has resulted in patients taking their sleep issues into their own hands.

Michael says: “We pride ourselves in empowering our customers to take the reins on their sleep issues by providing the best, most cost effective at-home sleep solution.” “In doing so, we save our customers the traumatic experience of sleep clinics and thousands of dollars in medical costs, insurance fees, and premium increases.”


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