Stanley Bronstein Interviews Mary Ellen Ciganovich


At the age of 6, Mary Ellen was diagnosed with epilepsy. She says her family took the diagnosis very hard and told her almost daily that she couldn’t get married or have children. She was always told what she could NOT do, yet she went on to do it anyway. She not sure why, but she just wanted to be normal. She went on to become a Varsity Cheerleader in High school and a model thereafter. She attended the University of Georgia and graduated magna cum laude in Education in 1974. Then she taught middle school for 14 years. She got married and had one daughter. After 13 years of marriage, she was divorced and says the experience left her devastated, yet this was the time she was learning the most about herself.

Sometime thereafter, she began having sharp pains in her left eye and losing her balance. Several doctors and an MRI later, she was told she had MS – Multiple Sclerosis.” Mary Ellen believes that when you have a disease in your life, it’s because you are not at ease in your life. She also believed she had to approach the diagnosis with Love and not fear because whatever you fear will come to pass and if you approach anything, you can handle it or even beat it!  She began studying all forms of alternative medicine – Chinese Herbs, Ayurvedic Healing, Traditional medicine including vitamins and herbs and spirituality including meditation, all while trying to find answers for her own health issues.


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