Stanley Bronstein Interviews Martin Parnell


Martin had always played a variety of sports, but it wasn’t until his late 40s that he put on his first pair of running shoes. In July 2003, he finished his first marathon in Calgary. Since catching the running bug, Martin has completed numerous races including marathons, ultra marathons and Ironman events. In 2005, Martin completed a four-month cycling expedition from Cairo, Egypt to Cape Town, South Africa. During the trip he had the chance to experience the power of sport and its effect on the lives of children across the African continent.

Through an old acquaintance, Martin was introduced to Right To Play, the humanitarian organization that empowers children through sports programs in some of the most disadvantaged areas of the world. Wanting to get involved, Martin aimed to run 250 marathons over the course of one year to raise $250,000 for Right to Play. His “Marathon Quest 250″ began on January 1, 2010, and after running five marathons a week, Martin completed his quest on Dec. 31st. He covered a total distance of 10,550km (6550 miles) and raised $320,000.

In June 2011, as a Honorary Athlete Ambassador, Martin visited Right To Play schools in the West African country of Benin. Returning from Africa he decided to establish his “Quests for Kids” initiative. Martin plans to complete 10 Quests in 5 years in order to raise $1M for Right To Play and help 20,000 children.


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