Stanley Bronstein Interviews Mark Bowness


At the age of 26, Mark was convinced that everything was over – his marriage had ended, his job and non-profit organization he’d built was pulled out from under him and it was inevitable that he would have to move back in with his parents. Mark believed that the future looked bleak. It was a future that he didn’t want to exist in, so he tried to end his own life.

While sitting in a hospital bed after a failed attempt to wipe his existence from the face of the planet, Mark realized he may have lived on planet Earth for 26 years but he had never truly lived. Motivated by his newly developed motto ‘we live life once’, Mark made a decision to view his future as a blank canvas on which he could create whatever picture he liked.

Mark is now dedicated to developing a community of people who are passionate about changing their lives, changing their community and changing the world.


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