Stanley Bronstein Interviews Maria Andino


Maria is a licensed acupuncturist who embraces the holistic values of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and appreciates the positive impact it can have on a person’s life.

She entered the practice of TCM after leaving a successful career in Corporate Insurance. Her departure from the corporate arena was hastened by her younger sister’s diagnosis of small cell lung cancer. Though her sister succumbed to the disease, her acupuncturist’s compassionate and holistic care impressed Maria deeply. She says he was one of the few healthcare providers who saw her sister as a whole person and not just as a disease.

It was then that Maria realized her true passion was to help others. She wanted to help them maintain or achieve better health using holistic medicine. That’s why she gravitated toward TCM. Its wisdom resonates with her and the ability to help a person in distress on all levels is the gift of this medicine. So, she left her corporate career behind and embarked on her present journey. She says it’s been a joyful change to do what she loves and to help others in a meaningful way.


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