Stanley Bronstein Interviews Mari Selby


Mari says she’s always been an unruly woman. Her unruly behavior began with her years of protesting the Vietnam War, living communally with women in Oregon, to currently writing as a spiritual warrior and subversive. Mari’s first poem was written and published when she was seven.  In addition to her recently released poetry book Lightning Strikes Twice, Mari is currently working on an anthology; Cancer Tribe 101: Awakening the Hero Within.

Today, Mari is a contributing writer for the San Francisco Book Review and a guest blogger on numerous sites. Additionally, she’s the director of Selby Ink, a publicity and  marketing firm that promotes authors who are making a difference. She’s a 2x Cancer survivor and she says she’s feeling more beautiful and alive today than ever before. For the past 3 decades, she’s comforted and assisted countless people as a family therapist, astrologer, hospice worker, healer, and spiritual advisor.


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