Stanley Bronstein Interviews Marcia Noyes


Marcia is a former television reporter, newspaper journalist and public relations professional who loves to communicate ideas and inspiring stories. Prior to her foray into studying various facets of religion, she had changed her physical life by dropping 90+ pounds and taking up long-distance running. When she moved to San Antonio in 2013, she’d go out for runs and pass by lots of churches. Without many friends or a church home, she wondered about each as she’d run by. At that time, she’d had this passing thought that she’d like to visit all the churches in the area. Then early one Sunday morning in January while on another run, she decided then and there that she’d run home, take a shower and see which service she might be able to catch in time.

Marcia began writing a blog that shared her foray into each faith, highlighting her preconceived notions, what she learned and what she felt about each faith and what drew people to that religion. Along the way, she says she’s expanded her world and she believes she’s help expand the worlds of others.


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