Stanley Bronstein Interviews Lisa J. Smith


Lisa J. quickly became loved by listeners, and respected by broadcasters as an acclaimed host on CBS Radio by hosting and producing a live 3-hour daily lifestyle talk show. Being called, “The New Voice for a New Age,” she encourages her listeners to tap into their own inner “rock star” by empowering them to “change their perspective and change their lives.” She’s used her intuition and ability to connect with every person she meets. She feels she’s changed the lives of thousands of people with private sessions, lectures and through her nationwide talk show, Lisa J. NOW.

Her approachable and girl next door personality touches listeners of all demographics with deep powerful messages delivered in a real down to earth way. She touches people at their core and helps them bring about real change in their life by empowering them to find their full potential. She believes in giving people what they need, not always what they want.


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