Stanley Bronstein Interviews Lee Gale Gruen


Lee Gale has lived in Los Angeles, CA since childhood. After retiring from a 37-year career as a Probation Officer, she became an actress. Since then, she’s appeared in television, films, commercials, theater, and print. She performs regularly portraying patients at UCLA Medical School as part of student training. Her transition to becoming an actress in her senior years has been written about in Time Magazine and the Los Angeles Times newspaper.

When she retired at age 60, she began attending an acting class for seniors just for fun. A few weeks later her mother died, and she invited her grieving, 85-year-old father to come to the class with her. They attended together for 3 years, and she wrote all the comedy scenes they performed twice a year onstage in the class showcases. As a result, they bonded more than ever before, and Lee Gale eventually transitioned into the world of professional acting.  She also writes a blog called Reinventing Myself in My Senior Years to inspire Baby Boomers and seniors to find a passion as a motivation to embrace life.


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