Stanley Bronstein Interviews Laurie Martin


Laurie’s heart felt desire is to empower and inspire others. She spent many years of her life with self-doubts, fears and insecurities looking for validation and love outside of her. After an amalgamation of events, she began an inner journey of discovery and healing. Her life lessons have spawned a microscopic study into unconditional love and acceptance; learning to value herself as a spiritual, infinite, divine, fully-empowered being.

Determined and impassioned to help others, Laurie resigned from her corporate job as a Vice President of Events and became a certified life coach, certified yoga instructor, authored two books: Smile Across Your Heart: The Process of Building Self-Love, and an e-book called The Conscious Breakup Guide. Laurie writes a monthly “Ask Laurie” advice column called “Heart to Heart” for the Naples Daily News.


Practicing No Judgment of Others, With Laurie Martin

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Smile Across Your HeartThe Process of Building Self Love The Conscious Breakup GuideNavigating Through TheEnd of Your Relationship