Stanley Bronstein Interviews Kim Herbst


Once upon a time, Kim was a young artistic person who wanted to do something creative for her life’s work. So,,, she went to college and became a Graphic Designer. For the next 25 years she worked for various companies finally landing as a Graphic Artist in Corporate America.

In 1999 Kim started her own Graphic Design business. For 10 years it was quite successful. However, something was still missing in Kim’s life. She was unhappy, was experiencing medical challenges and nothing seemed to be going quite right. At the urging of a close friend, Kim took a personal growth class called Foundations of Practical Spirituality. It was a life changing experience to be sure! The class promoted personal growth, empowerment and positive thinking in order to change your life.

A couple years later, the economy tanked and so did Kim’s design business. Kim remembered how affirmations and positive thinking helped her previously in the class and she thought NOW’S THE TIME FOR A NEW BUSINESS! The rest is history…


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