Stanley Bronstein Interviews Kellyann Schaefer


A skilled, “multi-tasking” mother of four, Kellyann is the owner of Task Complete, a personal assistance, errand and concierge service. Initially, Kelly served many years as a Registered Nurse. During her tenure as a nurse, she honed her organizational skills and became adept at balancing a busy household while administering compassionate care to her patients.

She began witnessing an epidemic of burn out – burn out amongst not only nurses and medical professionals, but within her community as well. Too many people taking on too many responsibilities and leaving no time for themselves or their spouses. Many people not having someone to turn to for support or assistance. With this knowledge and devotion to serving and providing assistance to as many people as possible with core values of care and compassion, Task Complete was born. Her mission is to give families and busy professionals reliable and compassionate assistance so they can meet the demands of everyday life.


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