Stanley Bronstein Interviews Kathy Slattengren


Kathy, who has a Master’s degree in Counseling, first became interested in parent education as a teen when she took care of children while their parents attended Parents Anonymous meetings. These parents were working to stop abusing their children and Kathy saw the tremendous impact this abuse had on the children. However, it was when she had her own two children that she quickly learned how difficult parenting actually is. Kathy found herself wanting better skills for responding to her children’s behavior. Through hard work and experience, Kathy and her husband learned to confidently set limits on their children’s behavior, while spending a lot more of their time having fun with their kids.

Kathy then started teaching parenting classes and was thrilled when parents shared how these ideas were fundamentally changing their families for the better. She launched Priceless Parenting in 2007 and since that time has helped thousands of formerly frazzled families become happier, more harmonious people through her online classes, presentations and coaching.


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