Stanley Bronstein Interviews Kathleen Sachs


Kathleen is 62 years old, married for 28 years and currently volunteers at the local MSPCA and the Merrimack Valley Hospice program. She started her career as a social worker, with a masters degree in psychology and counseling, then transitioned into financial services. In 1991, she became a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).

Kathleen and her husband started volunteering at the MSPCA when her husband got laid off. Because they volunteered on Thanksgiving in 2011, they found a young dog who has now become a certified pet therapy dog. They spend several days a week visiting people who have been told they are terminally ill.  Kathleen says becoming a hospice volunteer has allowed her to have meaningful conversations with people and their family members as they face death. She believes it’s an honor and a privilege to sit with people and listen to whatever they wish to talk about during those times.


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