Stanley Bronstein Interviews Alex and Brandon Jones


Alex and Brandon are two brothers from Colorado who invented an extraordinary new device – a router and tablet combined with an Android operating system! They’ve had not one, but TWO hugely successful crowdfunding campaigns! It all started when Alex and Brandon’s little brother got into trouble racking up gaming charges online and they had to come up with something simple their non-tech-savvy parents could utilize to stop this. What they came up with is known as the Soap Router and it acts as a home automation, security and parental control hub!

This router can prevent kids from being bullied by allowing parents to set up content triggers; it lets parents have TOTAL control over their computers in the home; it traps hackers through fake weak spots in your network; and it stops you from having to download virus and malware protection on each computer – you just do it once on the Soap router and it takes care of all the computers in your home and it continually updates and controls all home automation.  Alex and Brandon say the possibilities are endless with the Android operating system.


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