Stanley Bronstein Interviews Jenna Hollenstein


Jenna says that 10 years ago, alcohol took up a lot of her mental real estate. She says she used it for many of the same reasons other people drink – to relax, to celebrate, to connect with others – but she worried that her relationship with alcohol was problematic. She began to explore this question by speaking to friends, family, and a wise therapist. At the time, she says she thought she had two options: identify as an alcoholic and quit drinking, or not identify as an alcoholic and keep on drinking. But eventually, she began asking herself more subtle questions: did she really need alcohol to relax and to celebrate? What was she missing as a result of her drinking? What would it be like to experience difficult emotions without the predictable anesthesia of alcohol? What was she not doing as a result of her drinking?

She says she realized that even if she wasn’t an alcoholic, alcohol was detracting from her life in subtle, yet important ways. 6 years ago, she decided to remove the distraction of alcohol from her life. Since then, her life has changed dramatically. For the last several years, she’s blogged about this choice, about the difficult early days of sobriety, and eventually about discovering meditation, which has helped her to become more patient, resilient, and kind toward herself and others.


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Drinking To Distraction