Stanley Bronstein Interviews Jenna Edwards


On July 16th, 2003 Jenna’s life would be forever changed while buying oranges at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market. It was there that she was struck in the now infamous “Farmer’s Market Crash” which left 10 people dead and 64 with serious injuries, both physical and mental.

On that horrific day, a car going sixty miles an hour came crashing through the outdoor market sending tables, debris and people flying through the air. One of those tables flew at Jenna like a bullet pinning her to the ground and knocking all the joy and life out of her body with a giant jolt.

She struggled with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) so severe it sent her into flashbacks that caused her to pass out daily. She didn’t sleep for eight months and ended up in a hospital psychiatric ward. She couldn’t read, struggled to remember common words and stuttered when she talked. Her joy was gone and she thought her life was over.

But, Jenna persisted and rebuilt her life and is now living out her dreams in beautiful Burbank, CA where she has started a company called Scrapbook Rehab. Jenna uses scrapbooking as a goal setting tool. Her mission is to help people realize their potential and just go for it.


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