Stanley Bronstein Interviews Jason Kurtz


Jason is a psychoanalyst in private practice in Manhattan, He is the Director of Training at a Psychoanalytic Training Institute called The Training Institute for Mental Health. He’s a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and works with adults, many of whom have suffered trauma.

He’s written a memoir called Follow The Joy, which describes his personal story. When he was 27, Jason was dissatisfied with his life and with himself. He says he wanted to be fulfilled, both personally and professionally, but had no idea how to do this or even what would satisfy him.

So, he bought a one-way ticket to India. He had no itinerary and no knowledge of the sub-continent. He says this was intentional, as he didn’t want his rational mind to guide him, but wanted to be forced to follow his intuition. Jason says he was led from one experience to another – meditation, teaching English to Tibetan monks, volunteering at the Mother Theresa Homes for the Destitute and Dying – and ultimately learning how he wanted to live his life.


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