Stanley Bronstein Interviews Janice Holly Booth


Janice is a lifelong equestrienne and avid solo traveler. For more than 20 years, she dedicated her life to the non-profit world, working in service of children as the Executive Director of Classroom Central in Charlotte, NC; as CEO of the Pioneer Girl Scout council in North Carolina; and as Executive Director for the arts-in-education organization, Young Audiences of Western New York. Her occasional travel series in the Gaston Gazette entitled On Adventure with Janice Booth, has inspired many of her readers to summon up the courage to have adventures of their own.

She’s also an accomplished photographer and writer, and has published two books. Her first, Only Pack What You Can Carry (National Geographic), shares Janice’s experiences with solo travel and the epiphanies she experienced along the way. She says traveling alone changed her. It changed the way she looks at life and her future. She says every adventure and misadventure made her more resilient and more capable of handling upsets in her day to day life.


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