Stanley Bronstein Interviews Ilene Barth


Ilene is a veteran journalist, author and book publisher. She’s been lucky enough to spend significant time with major newsmakers in the arts and sciences as well as politics, but as a columnist she has just as often spoken out for the powerless and the homeless. Nowadays, she’s the founder and creative director of Red Rock Press.

10 years ago, Ilene quit smoking shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer. She said she didn’t have a single symptom at the time of her diagnosis. She says stopping was very difficult, especially in a high stress time such as the one she was in after receiving her diagnosis. Fortunately she survived the experience. She wants smokers (and ex-smokers) to know that while smoking cessation almost immediately drastically lowers one’s risk for stroke and heart disease, the risk for lung cancer remains high for a long time thereafter. The good news is that an early-detection test is now recommended for smokers and ex-smokers at high-risk of lung cancer. Unfortunately, too few doctors recommend this and the public is largely unaware of this.


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