Stanley Bronstein Interviews Greg Peterson


Greg is a green living and sustainability innovator sharing his passion about how to grow food in our cities. He created The Urban Farm, an environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, which he opens periodically for tours and classes. Having grown food in Phoenix for over four decades, Greg is well-versed in urban sustainability and food production. The Urban Farm features an entirely edible landscape, including over 85 fruit trees, rainwater and greywater harvesting, three solar applications, and extensive use of reclaimed and recycled building materials.

Greg has a master’s degree in Urban and Environmental Planning (MUEP) in December 2006 from Arizona State University where he now teaches a class called Sustainable Food and Farms. He’s on the board of directors for Native Seed/SEARCH, has worked as a teacher of their Seed School and co-developed a 200 hour online Urban Farming Curriculum.


The Urban Farm – Greg’s Big Idea

Urban Farming Sheet Mulching Project

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